Dining Table (in two sections) from the Early 1970’s Sold


Dining Table (in two sections) from the Early 1970’s




height: 29 in. (74 cm)
depth: 41 each square
width/length: 82 total


Number of items: 1
Materials/Techniques: Marble, metal
Creator: Unknown

Ref. : U1209178920231


This table is topped with rich Travertine marble tabletops (which are quite heavy!) on what appears to be a brass base, also in two sections. Shown in the reflection of the photos of the base is actual limestone in our studio. The base is highly polished, has a slight warm patina, and it is one of the most unusual and artistically-formed table bases we’ve ever seen. See note below.

The Travertine marble top(s) are lightly polished but mostly matte finish. Of course, this table can be separated into two tables, but the two pieces are held together with a hidden clamp underneath.

This table was commissioned by a private owner in NY, and we acquired it from them.

NOTE: The amazing base of these tables shows absolutely no seams in the metal, inside or out. What an artist! Also, there are hidden casters inside the base.

Also of note, you see that the studio floor was slightly uneven, but the table pieces will line up perfectly in your home.